Christie promises to let allies vent about Obama

MEREDITH, N.H. (AP) — Chris Christie said Thursday that if wins the White House he'll invite the leaders of six U.S. allies to complain about President Barack Obama.

The New Jersey governor told voters in New Hampshire that he'd invite the leaders of six U.S. allies — Israel, Mexico, Canada, Great Britain, France and Germany — to the Camp David presidential retreat for separate meetings during his first months in office. The first hour of each visit, he said, would be spent "venting" about how Obama treated them during his presidency.

"Maybe two hours for Netanyahu," he quipped, referring to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

After the airing of grievances, Christie said he'd talk with each of the leaders about their visions for the world in the next four years. He said it's critical for the next president to build stronger partnerships to defeat the Islamic State group and pursue other global initiatives.

"America cannot carry the burden of the world by itself," Christie said.

Christie outlined the meetings as one of the first three things he would do if elected. The other two include repealing a number of Obama's executive orders and initiating tax and regulatory reform, he said.

Christie, like his fellow Republican presidential candidates, says Obama has hurt America's standing in the world. Many of the candidates list improving the U.S. relationship with Israel as a key priority.

National security has become a major focus of Christie's campaign, and he points to his time as a federal prosecutor after Sept. 11, 2001, to make the case that he knows what it takes to fight terrorism.

Christie is one of nearly half a dozen GOP candidates fighting to emerge from New Hampshire's Feb. 9 primary as an establishment alternative to Donald Trump and Texas Sen. Ted Cruz.