Texas GOP revolts over 'embarrassment' winning county chair

AUSTIN, Texas (AP) — An Austin author who often uses homophobic slurs and co-authored a book about Hillary Clinton with one of Donald Trump's former presidential advisers is the newly elected GOP county chairman in the seat of Republican power in Texas.

Robert Morrow, who calls his "true expertise" his belief that the CIA killed President John F. Kennedy, used profanity Wednesday as he challenged party leaders who are seeking to invalidate his primary victory that positions him to become the next leader of the Travis County Republican Party.

Current GOP leaders in Austin — where Republicans hold all statewide elected offices — fumed over the outcome. They feared it could even hurt the party nationally as more attention is given to Morrow, who says he voted for Texas Sen. Ted Cruz in Tuesday night's presicedential primary.

Morrow has long been known in Austin political circles for his fringe theories and vulgar, sexually explicit accusations against public officials in both parties. He is particularly critical of the Bush family and says that despite his support of Cruz, the party needs to rally around front-runner Donald Trump.

"Like Donald Trump, I think Democrats, Republicans and the media are corrupted. They're basically scum," Morrow said Wednesday.

Austin-based GOP strategist Matt Mackowiak, vice president of the Travis County GOP, called Morrow an embarrassment. He is trying to prevent him from taking office but acknowledged that the options may be limited. He suspects that Morrow's nearly 6,000-vote victory was the result of uninformed voters simply liking the sound of his name better than the incumbent.

Morrow's book is called "The Clintons' War on Women" and was co-authored with Roger Stone, a former Trump adviser who is a continued supporter of the billionaire mogul.


This story has been corrected to fix the spelling of Mackowiak.